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Amelia se siening oor nuwe babetjie

16 February 2012

Amelia: “Eendag gaan ek ook ‘n baba in my maag hê; dit gaan ‘n sussie wees; en ek gaan hom self uithaal – hy gaan sommer uit spring! “

Die mooiste gebedjie

4 February 2012

Gisteraand is ek besig met goedjies op die rekenaar. Amelia kom sit toe by my. Vra toe of Jesus hier binne mens woon, in jou hart. Sy neem alles baie letterlik op, so toe verduidelik ek eers dat dit nie in jou regte flees hartjie is nie, maar in jou gees hartjie.

Sy sê toe dat sy nou wil bid.
“Liewe Jesus, ek is baie lief vir jou. Ek wil hê jy moet in my hartjie woon. Amen.”

…en so bring hulle ons in die verleentheid.

31 January 2012

Ouderling klop gister aand, kom stel voor en bring kerk almanak.

“Mamma, kyk daai oom is so vet!”
‘Nee, Miela, mens sê nie so van ander mense nie.’
“Ok. Kyk, Mamma, daai oom se maag is nou vol geëet.”

More conversation with Amelia

8 February 2011

Sy het per ongeluk my spieël gebreek.

Sê sy: “As ek môre geld het, toop ek jou ander grote”

Conversations with Amelia

5 January 2011

Tracy: “Hoekom het jy jou cozzie uitgetrek?”
Lili: “Want dis nat!”
Tracy: “Natuurlik is dit nat, jy swem in jou badjie.”

She might just one day receive an honourable mention for a Darwin award

31 December 2010


They say that it happens in threes. I’m talking about bad luck, not celebrity deaths. Amelia had 3 close calls in as many days.

Thank goodness she’s not allergic to any foodstuffs. We went to the zoo; she loved the animals. Too bad bees liked her more. While spotting lions in the shade a little buzzer stung her on the little finger. Henk got the stinger out before too much venom injected. Super trooper didn’t even scratch it! She did show the sting off to everyone who cared to listen.

There are these lekker trees on The Pepper Plot. Henk used an old crate to make her a swing. The first draught was a bit unstable and she inevitably fell out after an enthusiastic push from Daddy. Poor nunu cut her lip and was a bit shaken up. After some adjustments to the rope (and selecting a safety officer) she was in the crate again and merrily swinging again.

Last incident was a typical Amelia fall. After helping cousins deflate the air mattress the first morning, it all went pear shaped the next day. As fast as she jumped on the mattress, it threw her off again… backwards… on the tile floor.

At least she didn’t end 2010 in the ER. All part of growing up.

Clothes maketh the toddler

15 December 2010

Amelia picks out her own clothes. Every single item, from underwear to her PJ’s. I don’t know if other toddlers do it too, but I encourage this independent thinking and think it is adorable. She also feels like she has a say in something that affects her, instead of just following instructions and conforming to what I choose.

Before bath time I ask her to pick out her jammies. Most of the time she matched the top and pants/shorts; but right now she has a favourite tank top that she wants to wear every single day. She also chooses a matching panty (potty training going exceptionally well nowadays).

In the mornings – cause I am NOT a morning person – I ask her to choose her morning outfit too. You see, the day mom baths the kids every day around 10 am. Don’t ask me why, but then I don’t feel so bad if she had a cowboy the previous day (cowboy means you only wash the faces). So when she is a little too perky before my cuppa java, she gets delegated.

Now and then we have a wee bit of a melt down; when I insist on a certain dress or outfit. I tell her that one of her grannies bought it, or that daddy got it for her, or she will look so pretty in this! Sometimes it works. I’ve even tried the ‘You can wear THAT tomorrow, but I’m asking you nicely, as your mother that loves you, to please wear the blue dress. The kid loves pink too. Seriously. From soft rose petal pink, to cerise, day glow, could have been called purple shades of pink.

Tomorrow we’re a-going party dress shopping for Christmas… and I’m letting her choose.